The most complex renovation in the nearly 140-year history of Cincinnati’s Music Hall, which is being led by Messer, is set to bring a host of changes that will add to the iconic facility’s beauty and comfort.


The Cincinnati Enquirer recently took an in-depth look at the massive changes in store, which include upgrades to the building’s most famous space, Springer Auditorium.


“Music Hall has an aura and reputation for the quality of its acoustics. There’s a warmth and a roundness to the sound that most of us appreciate,” said Trey Devey, Cincinnati Symphony president. “Underneath the balconies, there is a bell curve in terms of the quality of seats at Music Hall that’s real. There are certain areas that are dead spots in the orchestra level, as well as in the boxes. The idea is to make every seat at Music Hall the best.”


Here are just a few of the many changes planned throughout Music Hall:

  • 1,000 fewer seats in Springer Auditorium, however the new seats will be wider with more leg room.
  • New boxes in Springer Auditorium, as well as a re-sloped main floor and balconies and a “thrust stage” on which the orchestra will play
  • A brighter lobby with torchiere lighting along the balcony railings
  • A new lounge behind the concert hall, as well as bars and concession areas
  • Revamped box office and gift shop
  • Windows that are currently bricked-up will be restored, allowing more natural light inside and an illuminated look at night.
  • Improved access for people with mobility issues, including two new elevators reaching all levels of the building.


Find out more about the project, including a full list of upgrades and a peek at how some of the facility’s most recognizable areas will look upon completion.


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