Messer Vice President and Nashville Region Leader Tom Lampe recently teamed up for an op-ed in The Tennessean about the benefits of public-private partnerships (P3s) for transportation projects. Two bills now in Tennessee’s General Assembly would allow for the use of P3s on transportation projects in the state.


In the op-ed, Lampe and Stanton Electric’s Ryan Stanton, both participants in “Moving Forward: Transit Solutions for Our Region,” explain the benefits the legislation would bring to the region.


P3 projects are attractive for several reasons. They often bring private-sector expertise and innovative approaches. They can help much-needed transportation projects get off the ground more quickly and they tap private capital to take some of the financing burden off of government. Today, public agencies in Tennessee can’t explore P3 projects, but this legislation would give policy makers a new tool to get projects done if the public supports it.



Check out the full op-ed and see what else Lampe and Stanton had to say:

Public-private partnerships could help transit system (The Tennessean)