Lean Construction

Lean Construction Drives Project Efficiencies

Messer is a proven Lean builder. In fact, Messer began working and collaborating with the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) over 12 years ago to develop a methodology for applying Lean concepts in the construction industry.

Our builders have continued to refine the Lean process with years of experience and have the results to show the value Messer is creating.

Our proven process will benefit you via consistent results, faster schedules and better pricing. Our best-in-class Lean tools include:


Last Planner System with Huddle Meetings - collaborative planning and implementation process that ensures consistent and highly productive workflow by eliminating waste

First Run Studies - productivity evaluation for highly repetitive work that increases output

Visualization - highly visual communication method that ensures key stakeholders are aware of vital project information

5S (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) - project site organizational method that drives efficiency and effectiveness

Prefabrication - off-site fabrication and assembly of building components (overhead mechanical racks, bathrooms, etc.) in a manufacturing type-fashion that reduces schedule and construction costs

Supply Chain - realignment of traditional supply chain (direct and bulk purchasing) that reduces waste and procurement cost