Safety Program


Safety4Site™ is a Messer Worksafe Commitment. This commitment has been established by Messer with the objective of reducing unsafe conditions which could cause accidents on Messer projects.

Messer believes that no job, task or schedule is more important than worker health and safety. And our high safety standards are non-negotiable.

As Messer moves toward the goal of eliminating unplanned occurrences and accidents on our project sites, we are implementing a new level of safety discussions and accountability as part of a comprehensive program. The goal of the Safety4Site program is to involve every participant at any Messer location in the role of safety responsibility and to raise the accountability of everyone involved.

The program has two major facets:

The Safety4Site program’s primary goal is to ensure that a strong safety culture is established by all subcontractors and their employees prior to starting any work. We will accomplish this by requiring:
Everyone is to have 100% eye protection for all of their
employees on every Messer project.

Every Contractor, Including Sub-Subs, is to conduct an interactive “huddle” meeting prior to every work shift, discussing the activities of the shift and establishing a safe plan. Led by the on-site leader for each contractor, this meeting will be conducted with all employees present. Any potentially unsafe situations will be assessed and dealt with prior to starting a particular activity. If the plan changes over the course of the shift, the individuals involved will revisit and amend their safety plans accordingly. No activity will proceed without a plan and the necessary equipment and processes to address any safety concerns.

It is Messer's proprietary program and It is applicable to all Messer employees; and subcontractors, subsubcontractors and material suppliers of all tiers (all of the foregoing being referred to in this document as “Subcontractors”) in addition to the obligation of all Subcontractors, under the Subcontract Documents, to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local occupational safety and health laws including, but not limited to, standards, regulations, and requirements under the Occupational Safety and Health Act ("OSHA"). The Program does not create a Messer duty or assurance of safety to any Subcontractor or Subcontractor’s employee (see Additional Terms, below).

The second part of this program is to establish an accountability program for violation of critical safety requirements concerning the non-negotiable OSHA Focus 4 Hazards: Falls, Electric Shock, Struck-By and Caught-In-Between. This program will be implemented for all individuals equally, regardless of employer (Messer and subcontractors).

Our futures are built through our people. It is the goal of Messer to protect and safeguard every one of them — while raising subcontractors to our non-negotiable standards.

Learn more about the OSHA Non-Negotiables.

Note that Messer has implemented the project safety requirements noted above for all Messer employees.