Messer has maintained our roots as a general contractor.

This enhances our influence and knowledge of the local market – resulting in better, more reliable pricing. Our in-house estimating team consists of architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical estimating specialists. 

We provide accurate estimates during each phase of the project:

Early Planning & Design Phase

Messer understands the importance of timely cost information during the early planning and design phases of a project. We utilize several approaches to address this need:

  • Messer has integrated our cost estimating software with Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to accelerate our estimating process, returning valuable cost information to the project team faster.
  • Target value design is a process that involves designing to a detailed estimate, versus the industry standard of estimating based on a detailed design. This process requires Messer to build a detailed estimate very early in the design process, and then have this cost estimate help drive design decisions.

When planning procurement of design and construction work, Messer’s cost planning department evaluates realigning the traditional construction supply chain to take advantage of Lean concepts like design-assist, prefabrication and bulk purchasing. Coupled with our extensive knowledge of the local subcontracting market, these methods can dramatically improve project performance.

Initial building costs, on average, represent only 3% of the total cost of ownership over the life of a facility. Messer’s cost planning experts help our owners analyze staff costs, operational costs and maintenance expenses. Our approach allows our owners to make the best decisions by fully understanding the initial upfront investment and potential impact of these decisions over the life of a facility.