2020 Diverse New Hires Goal is 20%.

Messer seeks to recruit, train and retain the best diverse talent in order to drive innovative thinking among project teams and departments. 
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Craftforce Diversity Leadership Program

Forty members of our craftforce will participate in a new Craftforce Diversity Leadership Program that focuses on the strategic growth of women and minorities in craft leadership positions.

Two initial development goals have been established including 1) growing the number of women and minority foremen and 2) having the first female foreman. Here are other aspects of the program that set it apart:

  • It is personal. Each participant has an individualized development plan based on their pre-program assessment, competencies, past evaluation results and Manager feedback.
  • It is collaborative. Participants meet monthly with a mentor and gather quarterly with each other and the program champion.
  • It is long lasting. Through the active participation of those involved, Messer’s culture of inclusion will be visually demonstrated—clearly showing a path to leadership for all.