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Brian began his career with Messer in 1998 as a co-op and was hired full time in 2000 as a Project Accountant. By 2007, he assumed the role of Director of Cost Accounting, where he led Messer’s cost, regional, and project accountants. During this time, Brian also earned a Master’s in Accounting from the University of Cincinnati. In 2013, he became an officer of the company when he was promoted to Finance Vice President. For the last six years, he has provided leadership for Messer Financial Services (MFS), fostering opportunity for Messer Construction Co. and its employee-owners through strategic investments. In 2018, he led the creation of Messer Development Company to manage the company’s real estate investments and to segregate the associated risk from the rest of the company.  

Brian serves on the Board of Trustees for Mount St. Joseph University where he also serves on the Financial Sustainability Committee and Chairs the Building, Plant and Technology Sub-Committee. He previously served on the Board of Trustees for the University of Cincinnati’s Economic Center and was a finance committee member for the Cincinnati chapter of the American Red Cross.