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Tim was a co-op for three years before beginning his full-time career with Messer in 1984. He graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in construction engineering and management a year earlier. Over the last three decades, Tim gained experience with hard bid and negotiated projects including large, complex, public projects. His varied project experience includes hospitals, government, recreational, educational, retirement facilities, power plants, office buildings, libraries, and parking garages. His outstanding leadership on the renovation of the home of the Ohio Supreme Court, The Ohio Judicial Center, earned Tim an appointment to the Court’s Commission on Professionalism. Messer received the 2004 Build Ohio Award and the national Build America Award in 2005 for this project.

He is the past board president of the YMCA Downtown Columbus where he remains active on the board and serves on the executive committee. Tim also teaches project management classes for the Builder’s Exchange.