Workforce Diversity

Messer seeks to recruit, train and retain the best diverse talent in order to drive innovative thinking among project teams and departments.

Craftforce operating equipment

Diverse skills and talent drive innovative thinking

That’s why we strive to have diversity in our construction business, operations and craftforce.

mentorship program
workforce development and diversity
growth and education
career advancement

Focused on high school outreach through STEM and construction career pathway programs and fostering relationships with HBCUs.

Economic Inclusion Brochure

Scholarships at several schools across our regions for college students pursuing operations or business careers in construction.

Messer-funded Scholarships

Urban Workforce Development Initiative (UWDI) builds a pathway for sustainable employment through paid training, support services and onsite experience.

Urban Workforce Development Initiative

This includes Craftforce Diversity Leadership Program, Diverse and Female Coaching Partnership Program and Messer Women In Construction.

Economic Inclusion Brochure

Learn more about all of Messer's workforce diversity and development strategies in our Economic Inclusion brochure.

Economic Inclusion Brochure

Please be aware, it is not the practice of Messer or any of our subsidiaries to request personal information or conduct employment interviews via email or web chat. The safety and protection of your personal information are our top priorities. All offers of employment include face-to-face interview.

  • Breakthrough Cincinnati students

  • Urban Workforce Development Initiative celebration 2022

    Urban Workforce Development Initiative (UWDI) 2022 graduates

  • Messer craftforce-development leadership program

    Craftforce Diversity Leadership Program

  • Professional Development

  • CURT Award of Excellence Urban Workforce Development Initiative (UWDI)

  • Group of women with hardhats and PPE

    Messer Women In Construction

  • Summer Bridge Program