Quality Leadership System

Messer’s best-in-class Quality Leadership System (QLS) focuses on complete alignment of resources, processes, problem-solving and continuous improvement that delivers a quality experience for our clients.

Parks Edge, Quality

Ensuring consistent, quality results

QLS utilizes a roadmap of planned processes and proven tools that are executed in a systematic manner to ensure project goals and quality expectations are met. We customize each project’s quality plan based on the definable features of work and tie the plan into the Conditions of Satisfaction the client has identified.


  • Puts your priorities first because the process is built to avert problems or quality issues
  • Reduces the need for rework, which has cost and schedule implications
  • Takes the “what ifs” out of projects and drives accountability

Through QLS, a Project Quality Plan is developed that involves a Three Phase Control Process: a Preparatory Phase, Implementation Phase and Follow-up Phase. This disciplined approach means we track the number of inspections completed so we stay accountable to the quality plan in place.

High-tech, High-quality

Our in-house aerial data collection capabilities can be utilized to capture site data and imagery from the air via our UAV/drone. This information is then combined into one complete image, or virtual model, that can be used to gain more understanding of the site conditions and ensure quality.

We have many use cases for UAV technology, including:

  • Quality/warranty inspections
  • Site mapping
  • As-built documentation 
  • Progress photos/site logistics

Quality leads to less call backs and more satisfied customers who want us back on their next project.

They know what ever it is—a roof, mechanical system, etc.—will perform as designed. Building with quality results in a job that we can be proud of and happy to stand behind."

Joe Arthur, Senior Superintendent