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If you are a U.S. veteran and are eligible for GI benefits, you can apply these benefits as a Messer apprentice. Messer has apprenticeship programs registered and certified through the Department of Labor in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Put your GI benefits to work with Messer

You have invaluable skills that fit perfectly in the construction industry. Safety. Best-practices. Teamwork. These are also foundational characteristics for Messer, and you can experience this through two apprenticeship programs Messer has to offer:

  • Laborer Apprenticeship Program (LAP) two-year program certified through the Department of Labor (DOL) and Office of Veteran Affairs (VA).
  • Carpentry Apprenticeship Program (CAP) four-year program certified through the DOL and VA in all Messer regions.

Please be aware, it is not the practice of Messer or any of our subsidiaries to request personal information or conduct employment interviews via email or web chat. The safety and protection of your personal information are our top priorities. All offers of employment include face-to-face interview.

See what Messer veterans have to say

Gerald Nooks

Gerald Nooks, Senior Company Foreman E-4 Third Class Petty Officer, Intelligence Specialist

"The best advice and encouragement I can give to any of my brothers and sisters who are former military seeking employment at Messer is to bring every aspect of their military bearing, discipline and can-do attitude to the job. Teamwork and the ability to take direction is critical to success and will take an individual a very long way.”

Stacy Hall, Messer Company Operator Foreman, E4 Corporal, U.S. Marine Corps

“There are a lot of different job opportunities in construction. Take part in all the different training classes that are offered and find the job in construction that best suits you.”

Stacy Hall