Congratulations to 41 employees on their recent promotions. Throughout their outstanding work on the job and in the community, these men and women have exhibited the values, dedication and leadership needed to help shape the company for future growth.

Operations Vice President

Braden Busold, Dayton

Tony Stamper, Charlotte​

Senior Project Executive

Angie Krausen, Cincinnati​

Juanita Kylander, Charlotte

Cole Perry, Indianapolis

Daren Shoemaker, Indianapolis

Senior Project Manager

Ken Beckwith, Indianapolis                               

Joe Bogert, Charlotte                                

Brooke Johnston, Dayton                          

Scott Keckeis, Cincinnati​  

Andrew Lewis, Raleigh    

Tyler Steigerwald, Knoxville   

Sarah Warner, Indianapolis ​    

Senior Superintendent

Kris Bartlett, Knoxville

Project Manager

Kevin Dietrich, Charlotte​                

Colin Patton, Columbus              

Zach Trusk, Indianapolis​  

Zach White, Dayton                 

General Superintendent

Jake Marsac, Cincinnati​

Mark Miracle, Nashville​

Craftforce Manager

Scott Fannin, Dayton

Project Engineer II

Dylan Brown, Nashville                 

Alexandra Hull, Nashville              

Victoria Lopez, Nashville               

Brad Makdad, Charlotte                 

Matt Miller, Louisville    

Devante Murray, Charlotte    

Greg Sellers, Knoxville

Amy Suer, Cincinnati​   

Matt Watkins, Indianapolis

Information Technology Director

Steve Haller, Corporate Support Services

Human Resources Director

Theresa Cappel, Corporate Support Services           

Project Solutions Manager

Joe Szabo, Corporate Support Services  

Human Resources Manager

Morgan Price, Corporate Support Services​​      

Virtual Design and Construction Engineer II

Michael Lauer, Corporate Support Services​   

Senior Project Accounting Manager

Cody Cummings, Columbus and Dayton​      

Project Accounting Manager

Riley Anderson, Indianapolis  

Project Accountant II

James (Mitch) Griffith, Charlotte​    ​

Patrick Hinkle, Cincinnati    

Michael Rief, Cincinnati                  

Corporate Accountant II

Erika Call, Corporate Support Services​