On December 19, all of Messer’s business partners will be requested to move to the new Messer Business Portal (MBP) for document submissions and communication. The new portal replaces the previous subcontractor form collection page via iSqft. This change will simplify the steps to become a Messer business partner providing a unified place for all processes, communication and document submission.

For Messer’s Economic Inclusion team, the portal will enhance the certified, diverse business on-boarding experience. Additional portal benefits include:

•    Immediate collection and verification of W9 documentation
•    Direct, unified collection of insurance documents
•    Collecting Economic Inclusion documents for verification
•    Improved working relationships through process transparency and efficiency
•    Knowing subcontractor status
•    Proactive notifications for renewal of all expiring documents.
•    Extended ability to submit all documents from mobile devices

Earlier this year, the MBP looked nice on paper and today, it is a reality. The team leading this project extends its gratitude for the valuable support received from all departments involved as well as subcontractors who have given their input. The teamwork and everyone taking responsibility for their tasks played an important role in the success of this project.

A special thank you to the Nashville Region’s MNAA Terminal Garage & Airport Admin Building who went live with the MBP on October 1, 2018. This early adoption helped make sure the subcontractors transitioned through the change with certainty and confidence in the new system.

If you have any questions, you can contact us here.