Messer recently began work on the University of Kentucky’s $175 million Student Center Transformation Project, a major step in the school’s broader plan to enhance student life across its Lexington campus. Upon its anticipated 2017 completion, the Student Center will stand at 360,000 square feet – 247,500 square feet of new construction and 112,500 of renovated space – and include updated student activity and study spaces, dining and retail operations, parking, a bookstore and more.

Constructed originally in 1938, UK’s Student Center has undergone two previous expansions, in 1963 and 1982. According to the university, though, the facility “is no longer able to fully meet the needs of students, faculty, staff and other constituents, in terms of quantity and quality of space.” The Student Center currently sees about two million visitors annually, and more than 14,000 reservations were made just this past year.

Student Center Renovation Blog

Check out these photos from UK’s demolition ceremony that helped clear the way for construction.