52 Employees Promoted at Mid-Year

June 28, 2021

Promotions fireworks

Congratulations to 52 employees on their recent promotions. Throughout their outstanding work on the job and in the community, these men and women have exhibited the values, dedication and leadership needed to help shape the company for future growth.

Operations Vice President

Paul Schmidt, Columbus

Senior Project Manager

Spencer Smith, Louisville
Brad West, Dayton
Stephany Wright, Knoxville
Nick Hoog, Cincinnati

Safety Manager

Andy Janning, Louisville

Project Manager

Omar Cruz, Raleigh
Chris Leiter, Louisville
Elizabeth Marques, Louisville
Greg “Levi” Taylor, Indianapolis
Sam Fintel, Dayton
Rashida Adekoya, Dayton
Greg Sellers, Knoxville
Clark Brewer, Columbus
Cassidy Calaway, Columbus
Justyn R ogers, Columbus
Corey Watkins, Cincinnati
Brett Stansberry, Cincinnati


Shane Missi, Louisville
Bailey Fait, Nashville
Chris Braumiller, Columbus

General Superintendent

Dave Lambert, Lexington

Assistant Superintendent II

Drew Lively, Louisville
Josh Boswell, Lexington

General Foreman

Travis Boyer, Lexington
Frank Livermore, Columbus
Darren McDonald, Dayton
Shawn Martin, Louisville

Project Engineer II

Chase Boling, Raleigh
Qiana Milner, Lexington
Will Adams, Lexington
Hunter Stocker, Lexington
Ted MacDonald, Lexington
Marco Herrera, Indianapolis
Brandon Rieth, Indianapolis
Gilberto Diaz, Charlotte
Mikol Schmidt, Charlotte
Andrew Cassman, Nashville
Tristan Eidson, Nashville
Benton Birch, Dayton
Jaevon Gillispie, Columbus
Matt Hurton, Cincinnati
John Staubach, Cincinnati
Drew Hall, Cincinnati

BSG Engineer II

Nick Farthing, Nashville
Sean Delaney, Dayton

Senior Operations Associate

Kaitlin Bowlin, Charlotte

Senior Admin Services Manager

Melissa Gamble, Lexington

Senior Accounting Associate

Cindy Springs, Dayton

Senior Project Accounting Manager

Courtney Moore, Nashville

Project Accountant II

Josh Ketterer, Louisville

Senior VDC Manager

Elizabeth Hostetler, Columbus