Building Impact and National Success

November 29, 2023

Cincinnati Children's and Messer Impact story

In 2023, U.S. News & World Report ranked Cincinnati Children’s the No. 1 pediatric hospital in the nation. Cincinnati Project Executive Clint Berry and retired Senior Vice President Bernie Suer, both of whom have worked very closely with CCHMC, share their insight on the impact this ranking has had on Messer and the community.  

What does this success mean to you? 
Clint Berry: It is very special. We have so many folks at Messer and with our subcontractor partners, especially within the craft, who have been a part of Children’s for many years. There is a lot of pride and sense of achievement that goes along with this ranking. As a lifelong sports fan, it is easy for me to draw the comparison to winning a championship. It takes many people focused on a common goal and working together to achieve it. To know that Messer has played a role in this achievement is quite awesome. 

Bernie Suer: I’m proud to have been a small part of working with Children’s. We don’t heal sick kids, but we do provide the technology and space. 

What type of impact does this have on the community? 
Clint: The impact is huge. I think we will see this play out in the coming years as Children’s continues to grow. Again, another sporting analogy, but they say the only thing harder than becoming a champion is staying a champion. Children’s leadership group is committed to remaining best in class.

A lot of our folks have been patients or parents of patients, including myself. When you experience that level of care firsthand, it brings a new level of appreciation and ownership to the work we do.  

Bernie: Numbers are important to people—this is a very big deal! Many organizations like National Institutes of Health (NIH), which provides grants, look at this ranking and feel good about giving money to the hospital. I have five kids, and knowing that this hospital exists in the city makes a parent feel good about their kids’ care. We are blessed to have Children’s in the city.