Messer Craftforce Installed 262 Windows in 21 Days Using Laser Scanning

November 15, 2021

Collaboration is one of the many reasons our complex projects are so successful. Our Operations Technology Solutions team and Craftforce worked together this past summer to install 262 windows in 21 days to meet the project deadline at Xavier University Commons (an apartment building renovation). With time of the essence, laser scanning was key in providing accurate measurements to the supplier. This technology captures millions of data points to produce a 3D model of whatever it is scanning.

"Without this scanning, we would not have made it," said Cincinnati-based Senior Project Manager Kyle Buchhalter.

The laser scanner was used to field measure every window opening. This process allowed Messer to go from contract, to the shop, to released windows in about three weeks.

"In the glazing industry, that is absolutely unheard of," Buchhalter noted. "Typically, someone would need to physically go and measure every single opening, record it, draw it and then submit it for approval. Messer craft stepped up to the plate to deliver!"

laserr scanning xavier
laser scanning xavier 2