Taft Theatre Renovation

Cincinnati, OH 

Originally built in 1928, the Taft Theatre was not equipped with amenities modern theatre patrons had come to expect. The theatre was in need of major renovations to continue as a Cincinnati landmark.

Messer brought proven past performance with the owner, Lean Construction techniques and valuable cost planning and estimating expertise. The project team faced the challenge of installing new mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) equipment. The facility was built nearly a century ago, and now needds to accomodate current-day equipment. At the same time Messer was modernizing the facility, we worked diligently with all Subcontractors and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO) to ensure upgrades improved the visitor experience without comprimising the original architecture and beauty.


  • 38,500 sf renovation
  • Added air conditioning in auditorium and main areas
  • Upgraded and increased capacity of restrooms
  • Replaced 2,424 seats in auditorium
  • Completed aesthetic upgrades