GSA Minton-Capehart Federal Building Fire/Life Safety and HVAC Modernization

Indianapolis, IN

We Are Building

This 660,000 sf facility project includes an upgraded HVAC, emergency power controls, sprinkler, lighting, fire and alarm systems. Renovations included office space, lobby area, rest rooms, public corridors and a fitness center. Additionally, four air handling units (AHU) and switch gear were replaced.

Features and Facts

The project recieved LEED Gold certification. We teamed with Harmon Construction, a minority-owned firm (MBE), to deliver the best value to the client. To minimize disruption to the agencies’ daily operations, most construction activities were completed during off-hours. This required the furniture to be covered on a nightly basis and the last hour of the work each night was dedicated to returning the offices to a fully-operational environment.

Assignment: Construction Manager

Architect:Teng Associates