Norton Children’s Medical Center Brownsboro

Louisville, KY

The Northeast counties of Louisville had been experiencing consistent growth, however the closest hospitals were located nearly an hour away in downtown Louisville. Norton understood they needed a facility not only to provide service to these kids, but also for the kids. It was due to this belief that Kosair was designed and built intentionally to address the physical and emotional needs of children.


  • 71,000 sf, two-and-a-half-story building with a partial walkout basement and loading dock
  • Four operating suites with shell space for two additional
  • Imaging and laboratory areas, MRI scans, emergency services, office and lounge accommodations, miscellaneous support services
  • Curtain wall and store front glass, metal panels, brick work and punched opening window exterior
  • Accent neon/LED lighting decorates the building’s exterior and giving a welcoming feel to parents and children
  • Associated General Contractors “Build Kentucky” award