Building vibrant campuses.

With a portfolio that includes more than $2 billion in higher education construction leadership in the past ten years, Messer's expertise has been honed on college campuses, both large and small, across the Midwest and Southeast.

Our building expertise drives an efficent construction experience that minimizes impact on campus life during the project and delivers a superior product when complete.

Messer's wide range of experience includes:

  • housing facilities
  • academic spaces
  • laboratory/research facilities
  • parking garages
  • recreational/athletic complexes
  • performing arts centers

As the largest student housing builder in the Midwest and Southeast, Messer serves as a go-to resource for institutions across its nine regions.

Here's what it looks like to be the leader in higher education housing construction.

Since 2014, we have put in place:

  • 52 buildings
  • Over 15,000 beds
  • 5.1 million square feet
  • 18% inclusion rate

Of all construction firms in the nation, Messer ranks in the Top 5 University Builders

 Building Design & Construction magazine