Building a Great Experience.

Messer’s Higher Education construction experts will help you provide the best learning experience when you want to renovate, expand or create something new to meet student demand. Messer consistently ranks in the Top 10 University Builders by Building Design + Construction magazine because of the quality builders and innovative processes we bring to each project.

Safety and Zero Injury Culture

Messer strives to achieve zero injuries, incidents or accidents on every project, every day. 
In early March 2020, Messer’s safety program was recognized as the top three in the country by the Associated General Contractors (AGC) out of 27,000 AGC members.

Flow Scheduling

This technique categorizes your project into similarly sized areas, determines the best sequence, and sets a rhythm to completing those areas. This allows for a safer work environment for everyone onsite; faster, quality completion of the project; earlier in-place mock-ups; and much more.

Partnering for Success

Messer works with well known designers in Higher Education construction. We also have a stellar Economic Inclusion team to help you achieve your inclusion goals for certified Minority- and Women-owned businesses.

Expertise for Evolving Needs

With today’s social-distancing practices, you may find yourself with fewer students on campus or with a modified campus setting. Our Building Systems Group and Operations Technology Solutions teams are ready to help you utilize this time to evaluate your existing plant/utility systems, facilities, or do modeling and visualization to find areas that should be addressed.