University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy

Lexington, KY

Because the Carnegie Foundation designates it a Research University of the First Class (Research I University), one of only 59 public universities in the country so designated, the University of Kentucky strives continuously to improve its facilities. To do so, the College of Pharmacy (COP) identified a need for a biological/pharmaceutical complex to attract and retain the best students, researchers and faculty.


  • 300,000 sf
  • Six above-grade levels (including a penthouse) and one below-grade level, with an “interconnect” to adjacent facilities
  • Two 219-seat lecture halls, a 110-seat and a 54-seat lecture hall, a teaching lab suite, and a variety of classrooms and offices
  • Vivarium, biology, pharmaceutical, and chemistry wet laboratories
  • Mechanical and electrical modifications at the university’s central utility plant and substation
  • Kentucky Masonry Institute “Brick Award of Merit”
  • McGraw Hill’s “Best of 2010” award