University of Tennessee Strong Hall

Knoxville, TN

Originally a women’s residence hall constructed 87 years ago, Strong Hall was vacant since early 2011. The Strong Hall is transformed to house lab spaces for chemistry, biology and earth sciences courses. A significant portion of the facility was demolished and rebuilt to meet evolving needs of the university.

Messer was chosen to lead this project due to our extensive experience constructing higher education lab facilities and our completion of the John D. Tickle Engineering Building which finished ahead of schedule and on budget.

The project site was adjacent to a residence hall and parking garage in a very active and congested area. Messer worked extensively with UT to ensure that campus life  was not negatively impacted by construction.


  • AGC of Tennessee Build Knoxville Award (2018)
  • 274,800 sf classroom and research building
  • A multi-floor section of the women’s residence hall that previously occupied the site was incorporated within the atrium of the new science building

  • Other historic features, including arches and bricks, were preserved