DHL Express Inc. ILN Hub Expansion Sort Building “F”

Wilmington, OH

We Are Building

The massive expansion consisted of fifty separate sub-projects, with Building F regarded as the “hub of the hub.” The 1.2 million sf, two-story facility includes sort facilities, international customs operations, network control centern and support offices.

Features and Facts

The expansion was constructed in 11 months without interrupting DHL’s complex day or night business operations. Sort and customs operations feature state-of-the-art technology and high-end security and stringent, construction requirements necessary to meet federal drug protection and handling regulations. Messer delivered additional owner-requested scope with no time extension and moved operations from CVG to ILN one month early.

The project received an Ohio Valley Design/Build Institute of America’s Design-Build Excellence Award.

Assignment: Desgin-Build CM

Architect: BHDP

Engineer: Steven Schaeffer & Associates