Ready for research and breakthroughs.

With the right minds and tools, innovations are endless. Messer understands you need one more important piece: an approved space to make this happen.

There is preparation required to get your space ready for commissioning, certification and qualification. Our accomplished, skilled builders are highly trained in best-practice safety procedures, risk management, environmental issues, and working through commissioning of GMP spaces.

Messer brings solutions to your project including: 


Working with you to coordinate all your needs upfront and any variables that come your way. We use our Flow Construction expertise and other Lean techniques to increase the opportunity to expedite the schedule and decrease the chance for issues like unnecessary waste, downtime and re-work.


Quality Leadeship System (QLS) is an important process in maintaining quality control throughout the course of your project. Our team of electrical and mechanical engineers have high standards to ensure your building systems are working properly prior to occupancy.


Messer’s in-house Operations Technology Solutions (OTS) team leverages advanced technologies to support project preparation and on-site operations.