Ready for research.
Bound for breakthroughs.

Messer works with the entire team—owner, end users, designers and contractors—to provide best value while understanding the regulations needed for these facilities.

We bring significant knowledge to project types including chemistry, bioscience and physical science laboratories; pharmaceutical manufacturing; data centers and more.

Messer invests in technology and processes that provide best-in-class services for predictable results. We are here to make the construction experience the best it can be from start to finish. Examples include:

Flow Scheduling

A process that allows for a faster, more efficient completion of the project, higher quality, earlier in-place mock-ups and a safer work environment for everyone onsite.

Quality Leadership System (QLS)

Messer’s QLS takes the “what ifs” out of projects and drives accountability. QLS allows us to react quickly and solve problems before we are anywhere near the punch list stage—reducing the need for rework (which has cost and schedule implications).


We utilize technology to help verify, predict and even simulate factors that pave the way for success. Examples include:

  • Virtual Design and Construction or Building Information Modeling (BIM) identifies and avoid conflicts (clash detection) before work commences for each mechanical trade.
  • Model-based Design and Construction Review evaluates alternative designs prior to construction and verifies work for exterior and interior component installation.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality immerses stakeholders and end-users into the design to evaluate and modify spaces to fit their needs prior to construction.