Removes waste from all aspects of the project. 

The objective, principles and techniques of Lean construction form the basis for an innovative project delivery process.

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Leading the project delivery process

We helped pioneer a methodology for applying Lean concepts in the construction industry almost 20 years ago as a founding member of Lean Construction Institute (LCI).

Since then, Lean is utilized on 100% of our projects. Our builders have refined the Lean process and continue to adapt best-in-class Lean tools and principles to our construction projects. This includes Value Stream Mapping, Spaghetti Diagrams, 7 Flows of Health Care, First Run Studies, Rapid Improvement Events, 3P, Lean Daily Management, A3 Reporting, A3 Problem Solving, 5 Why Problem Solving, Simulations and Mockups, Noise to Constant Matrix, Gemba Walks, Vertical Value Stream Mapping, Pull Scheduling, Takt Planning, Single Piece Flow (Flow Scheduling), Huddles, Target Value Design and Prefabrication.

Benefits of Lean Construction

Messer uses these principles on our projects and throughout our business operations:

  • Creates reliability, decentralizes decision-making and manages the flow and consistency of work.
  • Focuses on the efficient use of all resources.
  • Drives the performance of the entire project by targeting and removing waste throughout its lifecycle.