Messer is dedicated to having meaningful and trusting relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers.

Our goal is to provide the opportunity for you to successfully compete on our projects that match your capacity, skillset and financial strength. All of our subcontractors and suppliers are required to complete the subcontractor enrollment process. 

The Messer Business Portal is an online platform that will navigate the process of becoming a Messer business partner. It provides clarity of compliance documents, process transparency and faster turnaround time on all documents submitted. Register your company today.  You will need to use Internet Explorer 10 or above, Google Chrome or Firefox.

Here are helpful resources to learn more about the Messer Business Portal:

Subcontractors, please note: All Messer subcontractors and suppliers are required to submit valid, current insurance certificates in order to achieve compliance with the subcontract. Subcontractors are encouraged to participate in our Master Certificate of Insurance Program to streamline the document submission process. Use this link to see Messer's insurance compliance guide for an overview of the submission process for standard requirements. 

Insurance Brokers and Agents, please note: You can now submit insurance certificates on behalf of the subcontractors to achieve compliance. Click here to access the external document submission page. The purpose of this functionality is to further streamline the subcontractor insurance submittal process and to achieve compliance with the subcontracts.

Here is a helpful resource to guide you through the submission process :