A Pathway for Sustainable Impact

The Uptown Workforce Development Initiative (UWDI) addresses the skills gap, talent shortage and diversity challenges in construction. Messer worked with Easterseals/Building Value, Cincinnati Children's, subcontractors and other community partners to launch this initiative in 2017. Today, UWDI is providing meaningful, sustainable employment with 37 full-time hires (update as of March 2021). 

UWDI is working to create 50 sustainable jobs for Uptown residents in Cincinnati by 2021.

Many UWDI participants are parents who—through this inititative—can increase the economic status of their families. Here’s why this program is unique and highly successful:

  • Teaches construction skills that can be applied for life
  • Teaches skills that are transferable to other industries
  • Builds a relationship between participants and UWDI's program manger for personal/professional guidance
  • Removes barriers that would otherwise hinder success, such as transportation or child care issues
  • Creates opportunity for selection into industry-related apprenticeship programs
  • Provides self-sufficiency that breaks generational poverty

If you have any questions about UWDI, please contact Messer's Economic Inclusion team at economicinclusion@messer.com.



See more information about UWDI in this video.