Employee Ownership

Building now and for the future.

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Messer ESOP 30 years

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

After 58 years of being a family-owned company, Messer became an employee-owned company in 1990. This action required the vision and sacrifices of a few to build the career paths and ownership years later for so many.

In 2020, Messer celebrated 30 years of employee ownership. This has helped us drive our continued focus on community investment, diverse business partnerships and client relationships for positive impact where we live and work.

ESOP Benefits

An ESOP can spur job creation, improve wages and productivity and strengthen retirement savings. Messer’s ESOP is 100% company-funded. And unlike a 401(k), nothing comes out of the employee’s paycheck.

ESOP Benefits
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    Employment without ownership is work; employment with ownership is opportunity.”

    Pete Strange, Messer's former President and CEO; this statement is from his book Steerageway: How Employee Owners Set Direction Amid the Currents of Change