Construction Apprenticeships

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Messer's construction apprenticeships are registered and certified through the Department of Labor in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and North Carolina. Contact Messer today to learn more about the carpentry apprenticeships and laborer apprenticeships. Haga clic aquí para obtener más información.

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Build your career through construction apprenticeships

Messer offers two programs:

  • Laborer Apprenticeship Program (LAP) two-year program certified through the Department of Labor (DOL) and Office of Veteran Affairs (VA).
  • Carpentry Apprenticeship Program (CAP) four-year program certified through the DOL and VA in all Messer regions.

Please be aware, it is not the practice of Messer or any of our subsidiaries to request personal information or conduct employment interviews via email or web chat. The safety and protection of your personal information are our top priorities. All offers of employment include face-to-face interview.

Construction apprenticeships build Messer’s future leaders

Ready to be a laborer apprentice or a carpenter apprentice? Contact Messer today to get more details about construction apprenticeships.

You can also learn more about what it's like to build a career with Messer from employee testimonials as well as details on focus areas including safety, diversity, community engagement and much more.