Rental Division

Messer's Rental Division focuses on supplying late-model tools and equipment, and competitively-priced consumables to support our Craft in all Messer regions.

MES Telematics, equipment
Scissors lift

Rental equipment products and services

  • Hand Tools: electric and cordless, saws and drills, pumps and generators.
  • General Tools: power buggies and air compressors, skid loaders and mini excavators, plate compactors and concrete vibrators.
  • Mobile Equipment: booms and scissors, cranes and buck hoists, forklifts and vehicles.

For more information about the Rental Division, call (513) 482-7400.

Managed Equipment Services (MES)

MES is available for select projects. It is a program that leverages the “economy of scale” of large projects. MES enhances predictability by incorporating equipment rental planning into the project schedule for all subcontractors working on site. The Messer Rental Division also administers the program, facilitates the delivery and coordinates the usage of equipment. This can create efficiencies by reducing congestion on project sites, eliminating idle equipment, and scheduling the flow of delivery traffic.