Prefabrication saves time and money

Prefabrication, sometimes referred to as off-site manufacturing, is the assembly of building units or components at a workshop or factory separate from the jobsite.

Bathroom POD Installation, Norton Brownsboro

Increase the safety of everyone on site

All items are constructed in a controlled environment, which means they are free from exposure to weather and deliver superior quality. Materials are tested in the warehouse (off-site construction) then retested once they are installed, ensuring every piece and part fits perfectly. 

Help drive safety, schedule and quality

For instance, traditional onsite bathroom construction can take about six weeks, whereas a bathroom POD initially constructed off site can take less than one hour to install. Benefits of off-site construction include:

  • Improved safety with fewer people needed onsite and by working in ergonomically comfortable positions instead of on ladders.
  • Occurs concurrently with on-site construction and units are set during rough construction for faster completion and occupancy.
  • Engineered process adds predictability to deliverables, leading to cost certainty and a reduction in contingencies.
  • Exposes waste and conflicts before manufacturing begins.
  • Allows workers to focus on critical tasks on the jobsite and eliminates the need to coordinate multiple subcontractors​.