Passionate about providing opportunities for all business owners.

We strive to broaden minority and women business involvement to be more reflective of the diverse communities we serve. This is accomplished through the efforts of Messer’s Economic Inclusion department, Messer’s Supplier Diversity Leadership Team and actively engaging qualified suppliers who have the desire to build capacity and human resources.

"Messer is committed to leadership in creating economic opportunities for all segments of our regional communities. We believe sustainable change requires strategic relationships with minority- and women-owned businesses and a commitment of our resources and capital. If we are to sustain growth and continue to compete in this ever-changing business environment, it is imperative that our supplier diversity initiatives continue to support and uplift diverse businesses within our communities." - CEO Tom Keckeis

Ensuring M/WBE participation is not just an obligation. We take the following steps on every project to ensure diversity:

  • Develop a database of potential M/WBE subcontractors and suppliers
  • Identify bid opportunities for M/WBE firms
  • Collaborate with community organizations devoted to the growth and development of M/WBE firms
  • Encourage utilization of 2nd and 3rd tier M/WBE firms
  • Track M/WBE utilization on the project and submit monthly reports to our building owners

For more information, see Economic Inclusion.