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Messer was founded in 1932 and became employee-owned in 1990. This page lists several milestones and achievements from the early days of the company all the way to the present.

Messer ESOP 30 years


Frank Messer & Sons, Inc. is founded by Frank Messer in 1932. The family-owned company focuses on public works, constructing the central post office in Nashville, Tennessee, the public library in Toledo, Ohio, and a number of schools in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Nashville Post Office


Messer is awarded the contract to build the $37 million Wright Aeronautical Plant in Evendale, Ohio. It was considered at the time to be the largest building award ever let under one contract in the United States.

Wright Aeronautical Plant


Under the leadership of Frank’s son, Charles Messer, the company continues to grow as the company’s expertise begins to shift toward high-rise construction.



Messer focuses on attracting and retaining high-performing construction professionals and building the company’s capacity for performance. The focus pays off, and in 1987, the company performs more than $100 million worth of construction for the first time in its history.

One Lytle Place


Messer’s 99 employees purchase the company from the Messer family in 1990. The company begins to expand its footprint by opening regional offices in Lexington, Columbus and Dayton. Each region’s employees would live and work locally, preserving the company’s longtime commitment to delivering quality to customers. Rapid growth follows, and by 1997, Messer hits the $300 million annual revenue plateau for the first time

Cincinnati Museum Center


The company changes its name to Messer Construction Co. Its regional footprint continues to grow with the opening of four additional regional offices—Louisville, Knoxville, Indianapolis, and Nashville. Messer put in place more than $500 million of revenue for the first time in its history and formed its Economic Inclusion department in 2005.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Building


Messer establishes its presence in North Carolina as growth ensues. Messer also acquired EGC Construction. More than 25 years after becoming employee-owned, the company’s workforce has increased tenfold, its annual revenue has multiplied by more than eight, and it operates in 10 regions throughout the Midwest and Southeast.



2020 marked Messer's 30 years of employee ownership and 90 years in business.

In January 2023, Messer expanded into South Carolina with an 11th regional office located in the Upstate.The new office, located in downtown Greenville, serves Spartanburg, Anderson and Greenville, as well as surrounding counties.

Messer Greenville