Messer project image

University of Dayton Center for the Arts

Dayton, OH


  • Assignment: Construction Manager
  • Architect: Champlin Architecture
  • Mechanical Engineer: CMTA
  • Structural Engineer: HGA
  • Civil Engineer: The Kleinger's Group
  • Electrical Engineer: CMTA


This project is a 50,000 sf Center for the Performing Arts on the edge of the University of Dayton's campus. There will be an experimental theater, concert hall, classroom spaces, theater support spaces, art gallery, and a TV studio.


  • Experimental theater concert hall will have 35' tall wood acoustic panels TV Studio for FlyerMedia.

  • Messer 5S is a key component of our Zero Injury culture utilized on the project. By eliminating slips, trips and falls from poor housekeeping, we can achieve more consistent safety results on all of our projects.​​

  • Messer's professional Craftforce will self-perform work on this project providing additional expertise for safety, quality and more.

  • Quality Leadership System (QLS) best practices helps take the “what ifs” out of the project and drive accountability.
  • Prefabrication utilized on the project means items are constructed in a controlled environment free from exposure to weather, are tested in the warehouse (off-site construction) then retested once they are installed, ensuring every piece and part fits perfectly.
  • Seeking LEED Silver

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