Ballantyne Ridge High School - Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

Charlotte, NC


  • Assignment: Construction Manager
  • Architect: Ratio Architects
  • Structural Engineer: Lynch Mykins
  • Civil Engineer: Benesch
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineer: Optima


This is a new 100-classroom high school with a new football stadium, tennis courts, baseball and softball fields, and all associate support buildings (concessions, home/visitor locker rooms, etc.)


  • This project includes extensive site work with substantial rock removal.
  • Messer 5S is a key component of our Zero Injury culture utilized on the project. By eliminating slips, trips and falls from poor housekeeping, we can achieve more consistent safety results on all of our projects.​​

  • Flow Scheduling lean technique categorizes the project into similarly-sized areas, determines the best sequence and sets a rhythm to completing those areas. This allows for a faster, quality completion of the project with earlier in-place mock-ups and a safer work environment.

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