Preconstruction delivers better outcomes

Preconstruction builds off goal alignment with key stakeholders, historic data and market conditions to make sure the project scope matches available funds.

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Capital investment in sync with your business plan

You will be able to make informed business decisions based on:

  • Goal alignment with key stakeholders — from designers to the CEO — to define what you want and to make sure the project scope matches available funds.
  • Planning to determine any phasing needs; we will schedule the phases to meet your end date. Plus, by utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM), Lean construction and other techniques, our experts create plans that ensure no compromise to your ongoing operations.
  • Cost Estimating and Planning that matches your building needs to your budget. Our in-house estimators have an in-depth knowledge of current costs specific to your local market. The team includes mechanical and electrical systems specialists who will perform value analysis on design to find ways to save money and create long-term value. 
  • Lean concepts and the collaborative approach of Target Value Design (TVD) for project cost certainty during preconstruction.
  • Using constructability and design reviews to help ensure the facility can be built as designed and the best way to get it done; issues can be brought to the forefront and resolved before construction begins which avoids delays and costly changes.
  • Realigning the traditional construction supply chain to take advantage of Lean concepts like design assist, off-site construction and bulk purchasing: methods that can dramatically improve project performance and cost.