Health Care Construction

Messer has skilled Health Care builders ready to serve you for any department or clinical specialty you need. We bring best practices and proven processes to your project.

Mount Carmel East Renovation

Our focus is you and those you serve

The customers you serve can be in the midst of a range of emotions and needs. That’s why we stay connected to you and look for ways to drive innovation. We want to ensure your project is built with the least impact on you and those you care for.

UCGNI Interior

Experience you can trust

  • Messer’s drive toward Zero Injury culture is founded on a communication network as well as expected behaviors for all Messer employees and subcontractors.
  • Flow Scheduling allows for a faster, quality completion of the project with earlier in-place mock-ups and a safer work environment.
  • Our skilled trade professionals provide invaluable creativity, knowledge and education; we know our presence on-site represents an extension of your business.
  • Off-site construction where materials are typically tested in the warehouse (off-site) then re-tested once they are installed, ensuring every piece and part fits.
  • Messer’s purpose is to build better lives for our customers, communities and each other. Learn more in our Community Impact Report and how the dedication we have on our project is the same dedication we have for the entire community.

industry rankings

ENR Rankings
  • #14 - T​op 25 Health Care Contractors
  • #1 - Top 20 Health Care Contractors
  • #1 - Top Hospitality Contractors
  • #20 - Top Health Care Contractors
  • #10 - Top Construction Management Companies​​
BD+C Rankings
  • #15 - Top Healthcare Sector Contractors and CM Firms
  • #14 - Hospitals​
  • #15 - Outpatient Facilities
  • #22 - MOBs and Dental Offices